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Labirinto d’Acque 2018
International Conference and Exhibition
Under the high patronage of the President of the Italian Republic and of the European Parliament


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Inside of the summit Labirinto d’Acque 2018 – the Italian focal point of the World Water Day celebrations – the University of Parma together with the Labyrinth of Franco Maria Ricci organizes the International Conference of March 21, 2018, in cooperation with UN-Water, UN-Chy of WMO, WWAP of UNESCO and ISPRA.
The global water crisis calls us to our responsibilities, even personal. We will meet to discuss water scarcity and innovation, in the labyrinth of Franco Maria Ricci, a fascinating place built in the search of harmony between man and nature, where culture and art show us the virtuous path to sustainability.
The March 21st conference is a networking event on the efficient conservation, protection, development, planning, management, and use of water. Researchers, practitioners, public institutions, and industry are invited to showcase their latest research and practice and management solutions.
The 2018 conference, entitled from water scarcity to water efficiency, is a non-sponsored no-profit event featuring a high-level symposium on the state and future prospects of water resources open to the general public, an oral session on innovation and water efficiency, and a whole-day exhibit run by participants.
See you in the maze!

Prof. Renzo Valloni, conference chair